Blog rewrite! (again)

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by CPunch

yeah so i rewrote this blog site again. There's a LOT of new stuff, mostly backend, but you can search posts, and there's a new board feature where u can post whatever. The whole site has been rewritten and the front end looks soooooo much better.

I'm currently applying for Google's AdSense so hopefully this site can become self-sufficient soon!

I've had some issues in the past with google adsense saying my pages had "no content". I've read that this is because I had included their script in all of my headers for every page. Even the login/signup pages :pensive:. So with me being an idiot aside, hopefully I'll be approved, otherwise I think i'll just skin my eyeballs so I don't have to see my failure of a site! Yay!

Anyways I'll be reuploading some of the old blogs, probably fixing a few things. I'll also rewrite my Smart USB blog because I felt like that one was really skin bones, and i definitely can do better.

Glad to be back! please don't make me regret the public board LOL

EDIT: Got denied by Google Adsense again LOL. I'll be looking for alternative ad providers soon if donations don't work out. If you want to support this site please consider donating! Be back soon with more projects!

Aug 24, 2019 by CPunch