I’ve heard stories about the haunted ‘Screaming Bridge’ since I was an elementary kid from the older kids in my neighborhood. Always some embellished story about encounters with the paranormal, which of course I innocently believed. Wanting to experience the supernatural myself, I poked around reddit and other places looking for directions on how to get there. Learning of a simple 20ish minute hiking trail that leads directly up to the old bridge, I was determined to get there and asked my sister to come with. Together we hiked the fairly well-kept trail up to the bridge and encountered this:

From the entrance

Some locals call this ‘screaming bridge’, an urban legend from 1978 about four tragic deaths involving a burned down bridge and four Arlington High School football players failing to see the bridge was out before falling into the river below

The bridge was absolutely covered in graffiti, I’m a sucker for street art and really enjoyed it.

Bridge with graffiti of Gir

‘It’s not your fault, we love you’

The opposite side of the bridge had caved in. It was a miracle it was still standing to be honest.

A steep drop from the opposite side of the bridge where the road caved in

This picture doesn’t quite do it justice, mostly because I didn’t want to lean over to get a better shot LOL

Overlooking the bridge with a murky river below

The bridge crosses over the Trinity River… well, used to since you can’t actually cross over now

The supernatural reputation holds true, as I had my first ghost encounter!

A halloween ghost decoration was fitted to the outside gate of the bridge