Over the past years I’ve grown. A little bit at a time, sometimes painstakingly, but I’ve grown nonetheless. This is my official disclaimer that I am just some nerd in your computer that writes a blog about software I think is cool. I am just a CompSci student and nothing on this site should be taken as fact. Do your own exploration! Correct me when I’m wrong!

Know that you currently know nothing, but you might eventually learn something.

This is my much better and more optimistic way of saying Plato’s famous quote “Know that you know nothing.” Learning a skill is a process. Everyone starts somewhere and when you’re just starting out you think your breadth of knowledge is all that there is to know. I know I did sadly, and I’ll probably come back one day and look at where I am now and feel the same way. You will always be learning something new, this is probably just a fact of life.

Your goal should not be to “be an expert,” instead it should be to always be learning. Technology is insane! Only an insane person can know just a fraction of it all. It’s both embarrassing and humbling to read older posts I wrote and realize “ah, yikes that’s a horrible way to do that.” Growth can be painful! Just remember you grew.

Revising and improvements

I will be going through some older posts in the coming weeks and revising several of them. I don’t think this is ‘changing history’ as you can always clone my repository and checkout a previous commit to view my ugly mistakes.