Pyuxncle is a small compiler for a C-Like language that targets the Uxntal assembly language. This is an older project, and I definitely didn’t put as much effort into keeping the codebase clean as I have on other projects. I was also fairly uncomfortable with Python while writing it, so I fell into the common pitfalls every new Python dev does.

The ‘good’

It works

The good news is that it does in fact work. I even had some support for defining I/O devices so you could actually interact with the screen & other devices provided to you.

First project that made me actually use Pylint type annotations

Yeah, it definitely helped me understand the importance of using type annotations. Without them, the codebase would be almost incomprehensible.

The ‘bad’

Spaghetti implementation

Looking at, you can pretty quickly see why I burnt out. There’s no real type system in place, I was developing the language as I wrote the compiler. This forced me to rewrite huge sections, and of course I got lazy on some parts and just ‘made it work.’ This is a great example of how not to organize a python project LOL.

Language doesn’t quite fit

Uxntal has no concept of registers, it is strictly a stack machine. I emulated the use of ‘registers’ by having a thin library handle a small heap section of memory reserved for local variables. Making a C-like language for this target was just a bad idea.